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Are you still wondering whether the CPPAG training seminar is right for you? 89% of graduates who responded to a recent survey rated our training program as excellent or above average. Here's what some of our members say about CPPAG membership and the professional training they received:

"A great deal was learned and new to me and some very valuable points were brought forward and thoroughly digested."
Ken Lund, Bolton, ON.

Read the full testimonial here. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

"Excellent. There were factors that I had not taken into consideration over the past 25 years that became obvious after some instruction and discussion. We've tripled our business since we've decided to become members and go with more appraisals."
Gerald LePage, Kanata, ON.

"I would rate the training as excellent, as the instructors made the course interesting and fun. Anyone taking this course will benefit from it and they will find that it will instantly have an impact (if they advertise) on their appraisal and auction business."
John Hands, Hands Auction Service Ltd., Brockville, ON.

"Excellent. I thought the "whole package" was great. I feel I received enough information to handle situations that before the course made me feel uncomfortable, By handling these situations, I'm gaining experience in new areas."
Lorne Siemans, Antique Imports, Vernon, BC.

"The extent of our work has increased dramatically as well as our credibility in the market place. We now get paid for things we used to do for free. Excellent training. Nothing more to be said, very extensive!"
Loren McDougall, McDougall Auction Services, Regina, SK.

"Excellent. The course was excellent and the instructors did an excellent job of covering the different aspects of the business. I have become busy doing more appraisals and I feel that I am doing a better job."
Frank W. Noble, Noble Auction Services, High River, AB.

"Excellent. Clients have been impressed with the professionalism in the writing of reports."
Colin Spencer, Spencer Auction Services Ltd., Bon Accord, AB

"Above average. Very thorough and knowledgeable."
Shane Swinson, Pickering ON.

"Above Average. The course covered all the important topics relating to appraisals, as well as providing lots of information on things that are extremely helpful in general terms. When making decisions in appraisal work, I often remember comments (truisms) made by instructors."
Joseph Westra, Bytown Auctioneers, Gloucester, ON.

"Above Average. There was no B.S., just practical instruction. I was motivated to advertise my services and have tripled my number of appraisals. I am more confident in my abilities."
Kevin Lackey, Lackey Auctioneers and Real Estate, Weyburn, SK.

"Above average. I feel the training and info was very good and very usable. I feel more confident in doing a wider variety of appraisals and therefore will take on more business."
Barrie Jung, Hodgins Auctioneers Inc., Melfort SK.

"It has helped me gain credibility in the professional community such as lawyers and bankers."
Bill Woof, Freelance Appraisals Inc., Red Deer AB.

"Above average. Well rounded training course."
Glenn Roth, Roth Auction Centre Ltd., Rosthern, SK.

"Above average. The appraisal business has expanded."
Jack Morris, Jack Morris Auctioneers Inc., Comber, ON.

"This course has been both very educational and inspirational. I'm looking forward to an exciting future in appraisals."
Jennifer Owens, Snoopers, Thunder Bay, ON

"Above Average. There is an increasing number of clients asking for CPPAG membership."
Doug Jacob, Douglas Jacob Auctioneer Ltd., Stratford, ON.

"This knowledge will certainly make my job easier and more meaningful in the eyes of my employer. Of the group of instructors (besides you and John) I found Andrew Curran to be the most informative. I also found his presentation and delivery to be very good at holding my attention...Overall I thought the course was extremely well done and I enjoyed all aspects of it."
Mack Poholko, Warehouse Operations Co-ordinator, Supply Management Services, Alberta.

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