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Course Outline

The Basic Principles of Appraisal

Whether appraising fine art or farm machinery, the approaches to appraisal are basically the same. Our instructors will identify and elaborate upon these principles.

The Basic Elements of Appraisal

There are numerous elements that are essential to a professional appraisal report. Learning these elements and when to apply them will prepare you for any type of appraisal report.

The Different Approaches to Value

In this section we will cover the numerous approaches to value giving the appraiser the necessary latitude to write any complexity of reports.

Bankruptcy Valuations

Sometimes, there are special circumstances unique to bankruptcy cases. We will show you how to handle these situations and maintain the integrity of your report.

Business Equipment and Machinery Valuations

There is an ever increasing demand for accurate appraisal services to serve bankruptcy trustees and inspectors. We will show you the value of a professional appraisal report.

Farm Equipment and Livestock Valuations

Our qualified instructors will conduct workshops dealing with farm related assets, allowing you to perform such appraisals regardless of your familiarity in this area.

Divorce Valuations

In this section, our experts will share advice and offer tips on what can sometimes be a "delicate" situation. Accurate methods of valuation and their quick execution will help to build your reputation as a reliable divorce appraiser.

Estate Valuations

This popular area of appraisal demand may serve as a stepping stone for additional work. Suggestions on properly handling these appraisals may increase your income.

Appraising Accidental/Casualty Losses

Instructors will discuss casualty losses and the appraisal criteria and potential.

Insurance Valuations

Are insurance valuations treated differently by appraisers? Sometimes they are. We will teach you when and how to accommodate them.

Valuation Techniques Workshop

Case studies and worksheets are two of the methods used in this section to give our students hands on experience in determining value.

Report Writing Workshop

Our program will provide written sample reports discussing the importance of the various key ingredients that must be included to give you a highly credible and professional-looking report.

How To Source Price Information

Learn how to research price information that will substantiate your report. It is easier than you may think, even when dealing with an unfamiliar subject. Let us show you how.

CPPAG Code of Ethics

Like any professional organization, the conduct and integrity of its members is governed by a code of ethics. We will discuss the CPPAG Code of Ethics and expected standards of practice that you will be required to maintain. We will discuss USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), appraisal standards which have been generally accepted by most North American Appraisal organizations.

Professional Liability

Appraisers are not exempt from the law. In this section, our instructors will discuss your responsibility for the documents you produce.

Being An Expert Witness

The workings of the courtroom, its processes, and the weight given to your professional opinion are covered in this section. Learn how to communicate and support your appraisal as an expert witness.

How to Organize and Prepare a Professional Appraisal Report

The appraisal report is a reflection of your knowledge and experience to any of its readers. In this section, learning how to produce an accurate and polished report is the main focus. Your report must be organized and written with a professionalism that gives credibility to your findings and your reputation.

Final Examination

A final examination will be administered to ensure that all participants have an acceptable comprehension of the material they have been exposed to. Successful completion of the course material and acceptable completion of the Disclosure Form will earn your membership to the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group. You will become an Accredited Personal Property Appraiser and earn the "CPPA" designation which entitles you to use the CPPAG logo on business cards, letterhead, and promotional material. It will add prestige and credibility to your work and increase prospective client potential, through referrals, as it is circulated among the business community.

Upcoming Courses

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